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Hanwha’s Engineering team offers 3 different classes that are available to all our customers. Training classes are at “no charge” to the customer and are in our home office in Franklin, WI.   The customers will have to pay for there travel expenses.

Each of these classes are designed towards the level of the experience the student has.

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Available Classes

Swiss Turning Basics

This class is the most basic for “Swiss Turning”. This is a 3-day course that starts with the understanding of how a “Swiss machine” moves and why it was developed. From there, the students will be shown how to create a part layout, tool selection and tool path. After this has been accomplished, a program will be written and completely explained. This will cover the understanding of G-code, Axis movement, M-codes and S-codes. Once the program is completed, it will then be entered into the machine control and dry run through the part cycle.  Next step will be how to set the tools in the machine, install / adjust the Headstock spindle and sub-spindle collet properly, and the guide bushing. Now the students will run and complete the part.

Course Length:  3 days

Swiss Turning Advanced

This class is a continuation of Class 1 and is a 2-day session. The students will be trained on more difficult machine movements. For example, how to pinch turn on our machine or simultaneously drill and turn. Here the students can bring in some problems they might be having with a special application and we can help with solving the problem.

Course Length:  2 days

Swiss Turning Maintenance

This class is geared towards machine maintenance and is a 2-day session. Here the students will be shown how to complete machine alignments and important machine maintenance issues. We will also cover basic machine trouble shooting problems that can occur due to operator errors.

Course Length:  2 days

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