Our History

About Hanwha Corporation

Hanwha Corporation was established in the name of ” Shinhan bearing” in 1953. Hanwha Corporation has been steadily developing its business scope and now become the representing industrial machinery manufacturing maker producing industrial Furnaces,Factory Automation system and machine Tool.

Based on accumulated original core technologies and business Know-how in the field of FPD(Flat Panel Displayer:PDP,LCD,OLED. Etc) manufacturing facilities Industrial Furnace division and F.A. division are making further steps toward Number 1 In the world by making unceasing effort to develop new technologies.

In addition, Machine Tool division has introduced Turret type CNC Automatic firstly in the domestic market and is doing its ongoing effort to the world market leader in its business field. Hanwha Corporation is trying to maintain its current position as a domestic leader in the business and to be the leading global company by expanding more market shares in the world market.

Hanwha Corporation has also acquired various qualified assurance certificates and has been producing environment – friendly products. Hanwha Corporation has easy and handily contact of after sales service system and is making its utmost endeavor after sales management, Furthermore, for the best product and services, Hanwha Corporation does not spare its investment to level up the quality of human resources.

By business ties and cooperation with overseas companies. Hanwha Corporation is securing its high technologies and putting the development of future oriented new business items as a priority of business motto. With all these mentioned efforts and ongoing management innovation. Hanwha Corporation promises to produce it’s quality products which would be welcome everywhere from human beings.